[VFN] CANCELLATION of VGSF research seminar on March, 24th

Michael Halling michael.halling at univie.ac.at
Wed Mar 22 08:26:50 CET 2006

Please note that on March 24th there is not going to be a research seminar -
the originally planned seminar is cancelled.

The next seminar is given by Prof. Erwan Morellec (Université de Lausanne)
on "Stock returns in mergers and acquisitions" on FRIDAY, March 31st, from
15:30 to 17:00 at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Institut für Höhere
Studien, Stumpergasse 56, 1060 Wien), Lecture Room (HS) 2. 

Coffee and snacks are going to be available in the cafeteria of IHS, which
is located next to the lecture room, before (starting at around 15:00) and
after the seminar.

If you want to meet Prof. Morellec to discuss your research projects, please
let me know. I'm going to set up a schedule for him.

Michael Halling

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