An IRC Oracle bot

I don't use IRC much but I do love oracles. So, when we set up our own IRC server I was looking for an Oracle IRC bot but couldn't find one. Fortunately, the text-mode IRC client sirc1) has a simple plugin interface for Perl scripts. Thus, it was time for some Perl practice :-)

<andreas> Dear Oracle, do you think the oracle plugin for sirc is a
           valuable thing?
<oracle> Dear Andreas: Naturally! I just got a phone call where I 
           learned this.
<andreas> Dear Oracle, what in fact is the meaning of life in IRC?
<oracle> Dear Andreas: Ah, this one again. The answer, my dear, is 42.

See Oracle plugin for sirc for the technical details and download. Go to Ask the Oracle of Delphi to ponder over your life now.

The only URL for sirc that I had ( is gone as of 2012. has some copies, and Debian still has packages, though.