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 +Notes on Plain Text vs. HTML Mail
 +## Contra HTML mail
 +* Ecologically expensive due to increased size of messages
 +* High complexity
 +  * Harder to develop, hence more expensive
 +  * Handling more likely to break (e.g.
 +    [Kaputte Zitate im Plain-Text von Gmail])
 +  * Less transparent;​ errors are harder to debug (for users _and_ developers)
 +  * Higher hurdle for first time users (e.g. for composing newsletters)
 +* Security hazards (cf. security bug fixes of main mail programs such
 +  as [Security Advisories for Thunderbird];​ cf. [Efail: HTML Mails have no Security Concept and are to blame])
 +* Privacy hazards (e.g. HTML is used to track users)
 +* Some automated systems (e.g. mailing lists) do not accept HTML and will
 +  reject messages, or use only the alternative plain text part, or convert
 +  the HTML potentially causing formatting issues.
 +* Requires HTML aware software
 +* Double effort (HTML _and_ text need to be formatted and checked)
 +* Little guarantee that HTML will be shown as intended
 +* More distractions (e.g. font selectors, emoji buttons)
 +* Harder to write (formatting takes more time)
 +* "​[Angry fruit salad]":​ Every user chooses a different font in a different
 +  color and different size.
 +## Pro HTML mail
 +* Ability to format and style the message content
 +* Ability to create "​rich"​ content (graphs, tables, ...)
 +* Ability to use semantic markup (e.g. to mark text as preformatted)
 +## Contra plain text mail
 +* Text wrapping issues if lines are hard-wrapped (not format=flowed)
 +  (e.g. on mobile devices with small screens)
 +* Text formatted for fixed width fonts might get distorted
 +* Some content is better sent as attachment (e.g. illustrations)
 +## Pro plain text mail
 +* Easy, small, ecologically friendly (compared to HTML mail)
 +* Text is shown by all devices and programs
 +* Accessibility as good as it gets
 +## Criteria to consider
 +* False positive spam: It is unclear whether HTML mails are more likely to be falsely categorized as spam.
 +* Accessibility:​ It is unclear whether HTML mails that include alternative plain text parts are less accessible, for instance for text to speech conversion.
 +## References
 +* Wikipedia:
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 +* Hanno Böck: [Efail: HTML Mails have no Security Concept and are to blame]
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 +  Published 2014-04-22.
 +* For historical reference:
 +  * [Discussion about HTML in e-mail](https://​people.dsv.su.se/​~jpalme/​ietf/​mhtml-discussion.html "​Accessed 2017-10-11"​)
 +    Last revision 1998-05-22.
 +  * [The Ascii Ribbon Campaign official homepage](http://​www.asciiribbon.org/​ "​Accessed 2018-06-28"​)
 +    from around 2000 or even earlier
 +[Kaputte Zitate im Plain-Text von Gmail]: http://​www.luga.at/​mailing-lists/​luga/​2017/​10/​msg00005.html "​Accessed 2017-10-11"​
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